Hate Wide Open Drops 01.06.15

Bishop will release "Hate Wide Open" a 12 track heavy rock affair that the band wrote, produced and recorded themselves. It will be released via thier automonous label, BISHOPMUSIC digitally on January 6 with a physical release to follow. Hate Wide Open delves into issues of struggle that society collectively faces on a regular basis. Lead Guitar/Vocalist Tom Semeraro, while discussing the themes present on the album, states: “We are now witness to the "Hate, Wide, Open" that exists in our world today. We have the power to reverse this trend and move back toward a time of creativity, enlightenment, and human progress. Join together, voice and hand, and make a difference.”

Sonically, the music complements the themes presented; pounding hard rock that has groove, dynamics, and soulful singing courtesy of lead guitar/singer Tom. In fact, the entire band sings throughout, delivering powerful backups meant to reinforce the message being delivered. Going into this album, the band wanted to produce something that sounded real in this age of digital manipulation. In fact, the band stands by the following statement: “No fake drums or instruments were used in the making of this album.”

Hate Wide Open aims to bring the listener back to a place where the music matters, and heavy isn’t just fashion, it is a true reflection of us all.

Track Listing:


01. Pretty Young
02. Hate Wide Open
03. Free Fall
04. Mistake
05. Pill
06. The Whip
07. Awaken
08. Bleeding Lime
09. Dead Before Dawn
10. Fly
11. Neverland
12. Move


Tom Semeraro – Guitars and Lead Vocals
Rocco Semeraro – Drums and Backing Vocals
Vincent Padula – Bass and Backing Vocals

All Songs Written By BISHOP
All Songs Recorded and Produced By BISHOP
All Songs Mixed by Rocco Semeraro and Vincent Padula
Album Photography and Art – Tom Semeraro / Semeraro Photography
Web Presence Courtesy of: ES11

Copyright 2015 BISHOPMUSIC – All Rights Reserved.


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